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About Us

HT Fiber Home Network is a company founded by Ardin J. Hajihil and Kerl N. Tungupon to provide high speed, low ping, reliable and cheap internet access to areas within Zamboanga city and Zamboanga region (region IX) collectively. Duly registered to NTC VAS with registered name of Easyelectronyx Tradings and Services.

Our main goal in HT Fiber Home Networkis to provide internet access using fiber optic technology and hotspots to discreet locations like seaside or seafront barangays, barangays that are far away from town and areas that has no existing fiber internet, although we also provide internet on crowded and city areas in which most of our clients wants flexibility on their bills and our service is their first choice since we don’t have lock in period and we have a very reliable internet service in which they use for entertainment, gaming, education and business (live stream selling) purposes.

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HT mission is to provide reliable fiber internet connections to connect all Filipino people especially those who cannot afford and are not reached by main telecom companies. It will provide customers the solutions to their needs for communications, connectivity, business, information and security, ensuring that no one is left behind.We ought to provide all areas under our registered region.


HT Vision aims to become the Most Inspiring Digital Organization by consistently providing the best customer experience in all aspects, through innovative products and services, customer touchpoints, and optimization of its network.

Our Services

Fiber Optic Network Installation

We offer fiber optic broadband connection to the community to provide high-speed internet services to residentials and commercials.

Internet Packages

We offer a variety of affordable internet plans to meet the needs of different customers, from basic plans for individual users to more advanced plans for businesses and organizations.

Technical Support

Our team of experienced professionals provides technical support to ensure that our networks are always running smoothly.

Customer Service

We are committed to providing excellent customer service, and our support team is available 24/7 to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues.


We provide affordable and reliable internet with fast installation and we address client concerns as fast as we can in a secured way. The following are the internet plans that are offered:

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L327B Wingo Subdivision San Roque Zamboanga City Philippines


0936 895 0593

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